Apparel Ordering Information and Tips!

Like you, we’re just counting down the days until camp. Well, here’s the first step to summer! For 2017, Bunkline will be our apparel outfitter where you can get some of your Camp Echo gear. Browse the catalog and check out the packing list at the end. Please remember that camp orders are custom and take time to produce. Ordering early will provide you the opportunity to make any necessary size exchanges and enough time to pack prior to camp.

Visit to order Echo Clothing and Accessories Online! 

Please note, not shown in the Bunkline catalog or available through Bunkline but REQUIRED are Camp Echo Logo’d tees and travel tees. They must be purchased directly through Camp Echo. Click Here to Order!

  • If you are substituting an item from Bunkline to wear during the day, it must have the Echo logo.
  • Camp Echo Logo's tops (tees, tanks, or sleeveless) are worn from after breakfast to flag lowering. Clothing of choice can be worn in the evenings after flag lowering.
  • We do recommend that campers pack at least ten days worth of casual camp clothes as laundry is done once a week.
  • CITs should purchase their own CIT shirts directly from Camp Echo. Click Here to place your order. It is not necessary for CITs to purchase Camper or Travel T-Shirts.
  • We are stocked with all the athletic equipment you will need for almost any sport. However, if there's a sport you'd prefer to bring your own equipment for, feel free to do so.
  • Camp Echo's cabins offer enough storage space for each camper (if you adhere to the packing list). Please limit the quantities of sheets and towels and other items to those listed on the packing list and use soft-side trunks (jumbo duffels). No hard trunks please. Under-bed storage bins (7" height maximum) and shower caddies are also useful, but please limit to one per camper.

More information on specific packing tips (ie: theme days/colors) will be in the Parent Pack. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail the camp office.

We're looking forward to a great summer, 

Cindy and Jeff