A typical day Anything but typical

Though we adhere to a schedule to make sure campers have a well-rounded experience, surprises and special activities abound – and Thursdays are always distinctive! No matter what is happening, though, Cabin Counselors stay with their campers at all times.

Every Thursday is late wake-up day followed by breakfast on the beach in pajamas! Thursday is also our “change-up day,” and we never know what thrills await us for this specially-planned event – anything from a luau to Western Day. It is also our Tournament Day when we host our always-exciting inter-camp games.

Speaking of special events...

We arrange everything from theme days to extraordinary performers and artists-in-residence, to name a few!

Thrilling excursions are also on the calendar for every age group. Get ready to cheer on your favorite pro baseball team or run the rapids of the Delaware River. Tenth graders – pack up! We’re headed to Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando Florida! 

The days are jam-packed with FUN and it's true -- every day really is a new adventure!

Jake S. Echo Camper