Our facilities A place to call home

While we believe that it’s the people who define a camp, we think our excellent facilities go a long way in making Camp Echo the extraordinary place that it is. Our campus is situated on 200 acres of rolling hills surrounding a private lake in lower Upstate New York – the perfect setting for our tranquil yet vibrant community.

Make yourself at home

Campers always get a great night’s sleep in the recently renovated cabins that become personalized summer homes.

Each cabin conveniently houses its own showers and bathroom. Cabins are separated into Boys’ and Girls’ Villages, separated by a floating bridge across the lake. Each village features a breathtaking view of the new state-of-the-art swimming pool, and communal “cabin field.” Boys often congregate for a pick-up game of soccer or Frisbee, while the girls often gravitate to their gazebo or GaGa court.

Our canteen, known as “The Nest,” is home to our 50s-style diner – a camper’s favorite place to relax and just hang out with friends. Our jukebox plays tunes, while kids enjoy diner-style snacks and play board and card games. What a great way to end the day!

The Dining Hall, overlooking the lake, is an old-world beauty with an airy porch. In contrast to the charm of the Dining Hall is our high-tech Phone Room. Our world-class campus complements the traditions and encourages the values of Camp Echo. We make this a place to call home!

Our Grounds

Any camper will tell you that our private lake is one of their favorite spots on our campus. Complete with Aqua Park, boating, fishing, and swimming areas, every camper has a favorite lake activity. When not in the water, kids enjoy building sandcastles on the beach and the waterfront fireplace that is used nightly for the creation of S’mores.

Fields and courts abound, and many are lighted for night play. Rain-or-shine pavilions are perfect for activities no matter what the weather. Drama enthusiasts love our grand Olympic Hall (home to flags and plaques from countries around the world), which houses a Proscenium theater, as well as professional sound and lights for our dramatic and talent productions. We also have craft complexes, including a spacious indoor-outdoor crafts pavilion, woodworking, and ceramics studios. Not to mention our areas dedicated to dance, music, cooking, and video production.

Made for adventure

Campers ready for an adventure love our campout sites, which feel appropriately isolated and remote, but are actually in proximity to bathrooms and shelter on our own grounds. Camp-outs include tent camping, cookouts, marshmallow roasts, storytelling, and stargazing!

Mountain bikes and horses are great ways to explore the trails that wind through our grounds. Rounding out the adventure opportunities are our 40-foot high rock climbing wall and our high and low ropes courses.We also have a petting zoo and nature cabin!