Nutrition and Wellness

Everything we do at Camp Echo is to provide the best possible childcare for each individual camper.

Food at Camp

Stories, laughter, and cheering resound throughout our Dining Hall morning, noon and night. Campers love the options provided by our buffet meals, which are eaten family-style, just like at home!

Our nutritionist helps us plan healthy, kid-friendly meals which are supplemented by additional food bars: at breakfast we have a yogurt and cereal bar and at lunch and dinner we have a salad and sandwich bar.  A wide range of choices ensures that even the pickiest of eaters will find something they enjoy.  Camp Moms are on hand at each meal to ensure that all campers are properly nourished.

Camp Echo is a Nut Free camp.  This policy means that we will not serve items that may contain traces of nuts or are manufactured/handled in a facility that also processes nuts.  We read all ingredient labels of foods served at Camp Echo.  

We also recognize and cater to the growing population of children with other food allergies and sensitivities.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.  

Camp Echo does offer a vegetarian option at every meal and can happily accommodate other special diets.

Throughout the day, campers enjoy delicious treats. Every afternoon we have a break during activities for “Snack and Go” – our ice cream and fruit snack time. In the evening campers enjoy a bedtime snack of either milk and cookies, S’mores on the beach, or a trip to the Canteen.

Our Health Center

Medical concerns are a top priority at our camp, which is why the Health Center is staffed by a physician who is on our grounds 24/7, along with eight nurses! They are an outstanding team of medical professionals.

Our Health Center team brings extensive experience and a special passion for working with our campers. We are less than 20 minutes from a level 2 hospital in the event of an emergency.

Health Call takes place after every meal, and campers are encouraged to come in for a visit when they (or their counselor) think they need medical assistance. Nurses dispense medications at mealtimes, using Pack My RX, a quick and safe pre-packaged system (we have a method for nighttime medications, too!).

If a camper is staying in the Health Center overnight, parents will receive a call from one of our nurses. We are committed to maintaining a high level of communication between camp and home when it comes to your child’s health. And, by the way, should there be an overnight stay, rooms are cozy and – yes – have air conditioning, along with televisions, books, crafts, and board games! Camp Moms also always pay additional visits to our overnight guests.