Our Program A practical path

At Camp Echo we thoughtfully blend fun, challenge, and success into our entire program. As campers mature, they gain responsibility, earn privileges and are allowed to choose more of their activities.“Progression” is intentionally woven into everything we do in order to meet the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of each child.

Activity Counselors identify skills, based on age and competency, to be taught during each activity. These specific skills are organized and prioritized according to a supporting goal.

Learning new skills

Every activity period, whether it’s tennis, ceramics or horseback riding, begins with the teaching of a skill and leads into play.

We recognize that while athletics can be a great equalizer in life, not every child is passionate about sports. Sometimes just having a better understanding of the rules and getting experience playing the game can make it a more enjoyable activity. While children who favor athletics have the chance to specialize here, those who prefer the arts or other hobby areas are equally supported in their endeavors.

Healthy competition

At Camp Echo we promote healthy competition – giving campers a chance to accept challenges that lead to teamwork and personal bests.

There is a team for every camper who wants to be part of one. And unending activities for those who prefer to achieve in other arenas or on their own. Be it on the playing fields or in the craft cabins, we stress individual progress.

For campers seeking an athletic challenge, we participate in inter-camp games, tournaments, and ladders. Do we compete? Yes, but we don’t fixate on scores and standings.

Our concentration is on sportsmanship and cooperation to encourage perseverance, resilience, courage, and self-confidence. Whether it’s the swim team, the dance team, or the chess team, there are many options for exercising the values of healthy contests. At camp, as in life, you have to learn how to lose – and win – gracefully.