Special Events Everyday is Different!

Special Events are one-of-a-kind treats that appear regularly throughout the summer. Some are annual highlights, like Echomania, Luau, Water Carnival, and Tophats & Tiaras, while others are thematic surprises such as Winter Wonderland, Cartoon Day, Rodeo, and  Mardi Gras.


Can’t get enough of an activity? Echo offers a great variety of activities with high quality instruction.

Everyone has a favorite or some favorites, and you might want to spend more time in one specific area. Whether it is Baseball, Swimming, Tennis, Horseback Riding, Pottery, Dance, or Cooking, electives is the time to intensify the learning experience in some areas.


Twilight is our evening option – focused rather on relaxed activities or athletic games for specific groups, than instruction.

Spend some time fishing or playing ping pong, join the 49ers for a game of baseball, play the next leg of the Echo tennis league… the choice is yours as you unwind from an active day.