Camp Echo Alumni Welcome Home

We are excited to embrace you as part of our camp family, and we want to weave the tapestry of your own experience at Echo into the fabric of our heritage.

We’re sure that attending Camp Echo was a life-changing occurrence for you, no matter when you attended during the past 97+ years! This site is dedicated to and maintained for everyone who cherishes the priceless and timeless reminiscences of their time at Echo.

Whatever decade you were an Echoite, the sentiment is “echoed” indeed: Come for the fun of it – leave with memories of a lifetime. Echo does take hold of your heart.

This summer, as always, we look forward to receiving another generation of campers and counselors who come to us from around the world (and maybe even your hometown!). Every year, the campus physically evolves – new structures are added to enhance the camp experience and old buildings are renovated to bring them new life and return them to their former glory. Together we can look on while new individuals make their pioneer journey through what will become some of the best recollections of their childhood.

If you know someone who should be attending Echo as a camper or staff member, please let us know.

Camp has changed quite a bit over the past few years. Is there a future Echoite in your family? Click here to schedule a tour of Camp Echo today!

Growing to be part of one family, oh how I wish the time had not flown by"

Echo Alma Mater