Summer 2020 Updates

A Message from Camp Echo:

To Our Camp Echo Parents, Campers, and Staff:

From day one this has been the fight of our lives, both personally and professionally. As Camp Directors we live for the work that we do, for you and with you. We have now explored every path. We have truly left no stone unturned and having come so far, it makes it all the more difficult to share with you, with profound sadness and the heaviest of hearts, that we will not be able to open camp for Summer 2020. Not even for a Taste of Echo. 

In the most challenging of times we lean on our family. For us, that’s you. We have always felt a certain responsibility to be there, not just as a summer camp for children, but as a second home. For 96 years that is what Camp Echo has been for tens of thousands of Echoites. There is no doubting the incredible impact that camp has had on our lives, the friendships it has created, the memories, the moments - it’s hard to just let that go. Even more so when those are the things we need most right now.  

Every decision we have made along the way has been to exhaust all options and fulfill our promise to you. After weeks and months of being told that camp-specific guidance was coming from the State, we felt we owed it to everyone to at least review it. This guidance never came and as much as we want to hold out hope that this summer is still possible, it simply no longer is. 

We are so sorry. In being part of this family you know how all of us wanted to deliver even some of camp for you. As we searched for words to write this letter, knowing there are no words to describe the raw emotions that you are feeling right now, we looked to Camp Echo’s history to describe how we are feeling but it was last summer's Fiji Alma Mater that so perfectly describes this moment:

It’s hard to walk away, from the family we became
The pain of leaving you is too much to bear
Though time has won this fight, side by side we stand tonight
One by one the hours seem to fade
Can we just stay here forever
I can feel time slip away
Don’t close your eyes and let these moments fly
Just listen, hear me say
You have changed me for the better
Life would never be the same
Don’t hold your breath, don’t ever be afraid
Blue and white binds us together
And forever we’ll remain

To our campers -- please don’t forget that Camp Echo is your friendships, your bunkmates, your counselors, your memories, and your family. It’s this community that will get us through -- until next summer where we can all be together “under trees that touch the sky”. Please check in and take care of one another. 

For our new campers, we will find new and creative ways to introduce you to our incredible community. You are a big part of this Camp Echo family and we will make it our personal mission to share with you the magic that makes Camp Echo the special place that it is.

Whenever it is safe to do so, we will find ways to bring you together. We need it just as badly as you do.

In the coming days, we will be touching base with each family to share specifics on financial refunds and rollovers for tuition, Camp Echo Shop purchases, Camp Trucking, and CampMeds. We appreciate your patience and understanding here as we work through these items. 

We must thank you for your unwavering support. It means the world to us and rest assured that we will work tirelessly to ensure Summer 2021 is worth the wait.

With so much love,

Jeff and Cindy

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