Summer 2021 Updates

February 17th, 2021 Update:

Update from February 17th, 2021:

To Our Echo Community:

We are thrilled to share that earlier today Governor Cuomo announced that Overnight summer camps can plan on reopening (on schedule). 

A collaborative effort from summer camps, Directors, the American Camp Association, and a newly established group within Sullivan County have spent the last few months working in collaboration with government officials to confirm that residential summer camp will happen in New York State!

Now, we can continue to do what we do best — deliver memorable (and safe) summers for YOU.

The countdown rolls on — 130 Days Until Opening Day!

All Our Best,

The Camp Echo Team


Update from February 16th, 2021:

Dear Campers, Parents, and Staff,

One of the more challenging parts of this pandemic has been the waiting game. But through these unprecedented times, we have also found confidence in patience. 

With each passing week there are new developments, possibilities, and partnerships that push us forward, which make our plans stronger, and our countdown to opening day that much more exciting.

Over these past few months, we have challenged our leadership team and an incredible group of homegrown staff to work with us in building the very best summer Camp Echo has ever seen. After all, we have lost time to make up for. 

While work with medical consultants and dialogue with state and local officials continue, with their guidance shaping our protocol, we wanted to share our preliminary plans with you through a series of FAQs.

We are working every day to enhance these plans as we inch closer to the summer. We will be sending out more frequent updates moving forward via email and through our Summer 2021 reopening page, now accessible from

We thank you for your continued patience and support. As always, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

All our best,

Jeff and Cindy


What is Summer 2021 at Camp Echo going to look like?

It’s going to look like the Camp Echo you know and love.

Naturally, we are needing to make modifications to our operation, add enhanced health and safety measures such as pre-camp/in-camp testing, enhanced cleaning, adjustments to transportation, and tweaks to our program. While our plan may require temporary changes; we are focused on bringing our campers and staff back home to a familiar place, with the people they have waited way too long to see.

Our in-depth planning leading up to last summer paired with the incredible participation from our community in Echo Reunion Weekends, Fall Festival, CIT Leadership Retreat, and Senior Overnight have prepared us for 2021. Not only do we have confidence in our plan, but our staff's ability to execute. 

While this is the first of several updates, we have been working every day on our plan using all resources available to us.

A Controlled Environment for Summer 2021

Camp Echo will maintain a controlled environment for our camp season with a required period of quarantine and multiple COVID tests before entering and departing for campers and staff. 

We are choosing to use the term ‘Controlled Environment’ instead of a bubble as it reflects our planning and the following circumstances:

  • Camp Echo is working to establish satellite locations offsite exclusively for staff time-off and 10th and 11th grade trips (more on this later). As of this update, we are needing to reimagine our camper trips and while our traditional offerings may not be possible, we are focused on remote alternatives for our oldest campers. 

  • Outside entertainers and vendors will be a part of Summer 2021 to assist in delivering another memorable summer, albeit with specially designed protocol, masking, and social distancing.

What will the dates be for Summer 2021?

We are moving forward with our 7-week summer, with Opening Day on June 27th and our Florida camper arrival on Saturday, June 26th.

We are carefully monitoring community and school infection rates and will be making adjustments as necessary in collaboration with our medical professionals and consultants. 

In addition to our camper arrival dates, we are continuing to work on arrival processes for staff. Staff should plan to arrive on their contracted start date.

Will there be an August session?

Yes. We are pushing forward with our plan for our August session campers to join us for the last 3 weeks of our 7 week session. 

Like our full session campers; all children attending will enter a mandatory period of quarantine ahead of their arrival, up to two PCR tests from home, and a PCR or Rapid test on their arrival date. 


As is the case with all reopenings, testing is key. While testing continues to change, our initial plan is as follows: 

  • Test 1 - PCR Test at home prior to Opening Day in addition to a mandatory quarantine. 

  • Test 2 - PCR or Rapid Test upon arrival to camp

  • Test 3 - PCR or Rapid Test approximately one week into camp.

Camp Echo’s Health Center will have the capability to test and receive results onsite as needed and directed by our medical staff. 

Will my camper need to wear a mask and be placed in a pod?

Our team is continuing to work on this with our medical professionals and consultants. You can expect an update with our detailed plan late Spring.

We do anticipate campers wearing masks and placed in pods for a short period of time upon arrival.

Does this mean there will be no Visiting Day?

We feel it is too early to make a final call on this now, however in line with our plans from last year and with a controlled campus in mind for 2021, it is unlikely that we will be able to run Visiting Day this summer.

Until a final decision is made, we encourage you to save the date of Saturday, July 24th. 

In the event we are unable to run Visiting Day, we are exploring other ways for parents and siblings to have extra opportunities to check in with their child.

We will continue to keep you informed. 

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