Summer 2021 Updates

February Update: Looking Forward & FAQs

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our guests and staff are our number one priority. The following Health & Safety plan has been developed using guidance from the Center for Disease Control, New York State Department of Health, NY Forward’s Reopening New York, and Camp Echo’s own Prevention and Action Plan.

As we navigate our new normal, it’s important to recognize that we all play a role in keeping each other healthy during these challenging times.

Before You Arrive

  1. Staff Training. Just like every summer at Echo, our camp season starts with a thorough staff training. We know this crew can deliver an amazing experience for you, but we also want to make sure they know the in’s and out’s of our Health & Safety policies. Rest assured, we’re bringing you the best in the business. They are super prepared, well trained, and are equipped with all of the tools (gloves, masks, knowledge!) to keep you and your group safe and happy campers.

  2. Cleaning. Prior to your arrival on campus, Camp Echo’s staff will thoroughly clean all cabins and common spaces paying special attention to any/all high-touch point areas using EPA approved disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV2.

  3. Your Preferences. A member of our staff will call you a week or two ahead of your arrival to go over preferences for your stay. We recognize that as reopening continues, we all may be handling our COVID-19 response differently. We want to make sure that our procedures at camp are in line with yours. It’s on this call where we will also discuss the fun stuff — what activities your group plans to take part in, which meal time-slot works best for you (early or late), how you would like your cabins setup, etc. As always, we will go above and beyond to ensure your stay with us at Camp Echo is a comfortable one.

  4. Health Questionnaire. On the morning of your groups arrival, you will receive a text and/or email from camp requesting that you complete a brief health questionnaire to ensure that no guests are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, had any contact with someone who has tested positive in the last 14 days, or has received a positive test themselves. A member of our team will review each submission and reach out to individuals with any questions.

  5. Space is Limited. Please know, Camp Echo has dramatically reduced our capacity to host retreats. Our program has been carefully designed to deliver action-packed experiences but to allow people to have their own space in small groups while exploring all that our 200 + acres have to offer. All guests MUST BE registered so we can plan accordingly. Cabins can accommodate a maximum of ten family members or close friends but we encourage even less.

  6. If you aren’t feeling well. If you aren’t feeling well on arrival day, we kindly ask that you stay home. We have told our staff the same thing. It’s tremendously important. If you can’t make it because you do not feel well…we understand and still love you. Learn more about COVID-19 Symptoms by Clicking Here.

When You Arrive at 210 Echo Road

  1. Temperature Screening. When you pull through the Camp Echo archway, you will be greeted by our friendly Camp Echo staff. While they may be wearing a mask, you’ll still know they are smiling. A dedicated crew of greeters (with appropriate PPE) will help load your bags onto a golf cart and bring them to your cabin while you receive a brief temperature screening.

  2. Social Distancing & Mask Wearing. Social distancing works and as we mentioned early on, we must all continue to do our part at camp. We ask that you consider your cabin and/or small group of friends as a cohort. Your cohort can take part in activities, eat meals, sit by (or play in) the pool, or just chill together. Ultimately, that is what your Echo experience is about. While you are chillin’, make sure you are being mindful of other groups, keeping appropriate distance (6 ft). At times when social distancing is not possible — we ask that you wear a face covering. There are certain activities around camp where a face covering may be required (i.e. ceramics, arts & crafts classes, when indoors, or anytime playing contact sports like basketball). We will let you know ahead of time which activities require a mask and signage will be posted around campus so you can come prepared. We have let our camp staff know that it is OK to deliver a friendly reminder to our guests when a face covering should be used. As you consider which coverings to pack, please keep in mind summer conditions.


  1. Delicious #EEEEATS. Ok, so this is less of a policy/procedure and more of a statement. At Camp Echo we love our delicious food and while meal times will look a little different this summer, the food and the music won’t skip a beat.

  2. Dining Al Fresco. That’s right. All meals will be served under the Dining Hall Tent family style. We are limiting our capacity at each meal service and every table has been spaced appropriately.

  3. Eating With Your Family or As A Cohort. When you arrive at the Dining Hall Tent, we ask that you wait to be seated by a member of our staff (appropriate PPE will be worn by severs at all times during meal service). Once you are seated, you can check out the menu located on boards throughout the tent.  If you need anything…just ask!


  1. Activities. As we mentioned, we encourage all guests to travel with their family and/or cohort to take part in activities throughout camp. There will be a dedicated staff member on our fields, courts, and specialized areas to assist you with anything you need…or to play along.

  2. Equipment. While Camp Echo will of course provide equipment for activities like crafts, basketball, softball, archery, etc. we also want to encourage you to bring your own equipment like baseball gloves, tennis rackets, shin guards, etc. that will not be made available during your stay. All equipment will be disinfected in between groups by our wonderful Echo Staff.

  3. Limited Capacities. There are certain areas around camp that we may keep at lower-than-normal capacity like the pool, lake, and beach.

Regular Hand Washing

Hand washing has ALWAYS been important at camp and this summer is no different. In addition to hand soap in your cabins, we have increased the number of hand sanitizer dispensers throughout our campus.

Departing Campus During Your Stay

We kindly ask that guests stay onsite for the duration of their stay. If there is something you need, please let one of our staff members know and they will assist you.

While we will not be holding onto anyone’s car keys, we feel that it’s important to remain as close to a closed campus as possible. In getting this far through our Health and Safety plan, you can see we are doing everything possible to keep our community healthy. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Unregistered Visitors are not permitted. If you would like to make special arrangements for a guest who will be staying with you for the long-weekend, please let a Director know.

Presumptive Cases

We plan for everything, we have to! That includes presumptive cases onsite. In the event a guest in your party is experiencing symptoms or feeling ill, they will be immediately quarantined before being sent home. We do request, that if a guest is sent home that they are tested immediately with results being reported back to camp. This policy is consistent with our Workplace Guidelines for Staff.

Traveling to Camp from A State With Rising COVID-19 Cases

Guests who may be traveling to camp from states with rising COVID-19 cases or plan to travel to camp via air will be required to get a COVID-19 test (at the families expense) prior to arriving onsite. There will be a period of quarantine between air-travel and arrival at camp. The Camp Echo Team will reach out to you directly with specifics should this apply. You can find details of New York's travel advisory by Clicking Here

Have Questions?

We are here and available to answer any questions you have. Email and a member of our staff will assist you.