Top Camp Echo YouTube Videos of The Decade!

As 2019 inches closer to its completion, we decided we would look back in the Echo archives to celebrate some of the top YouTube Videos of the decade! Here's our Top 10!

#10 -  When g3-1 attacks

They are adorable and the youngest girls in camp but come twilight (Free Play)...they want to play.

#9 - Pollution Patrol

Keeping our summer home nice and tidy is a responsibility of all of us during the camp months but this group of Camp Echo Pollution Protectors go above and beyond to encourage their friends to do the same in this PSA:

#8 - Oh Honey!

It was the song of the summer and Echoites were hearing the catchy tunes all summer long back in 2015. Little did they know, Oh Honey was going to perform live at a concert on our outdoor courts! 

#7 - The Echo Players Present...The Little Mermaid!

Echo campers never disappoint when they take the stage in Olympic Hall to perform two shows each summer. In 2018, the cast of The Little Mermaid blew us away with an absolute gem. Enjoy the FULL Show in this Echo classic:

#6 - The Armpit Orchestra

Did you know that you do not need an instrument to make music? Our youngest campers took to the stage to deliver a memorable armpit performance.


When turned away from Wapiti, these creative girls of G4-3 get creative:

#4 - Visiting Day - Things To Know Before You Go

Before you hit the road to travel up to Bloomingburg for Visiting Day, there are some important things to know before you go! Echo campers deliver the policies and procedures beautifully in this classic clip:

#3 - Echo Wars!

A short time ago, in a camp far far away...

#2 - B3-1 Hits The jackpot

B3-1 wins BIG and takes a trip to Vegas (not really) in this adorable Echo classic:

#1 - Camp Echo The Musical

It is by far the number one most watched Video in Camp Echo History and has earned its spot as #1 on Camp Echo's top videos of the's A Camp Echo Musical! 

What a decade it has been for Camp Echo! We thank you for coming along for the ride and hope you will join us for the next 10. You can enjoy all of Camp Echo's Videos by visiting our YouTube Channel or our Media Center right here at 

Honorable Mentions:

Sideburns (reprised 3 years later)

It's a beautiful thing to have memories made at camp captured on YouTube. These 10th graders took a stroll down memory lane reprising a Echo Cast favorite 3 years later...


Apple Commercials are AWESOME. It's as simple as that. Having been inspired by an Apple dance commercial campaign launched earlier in the year, Echo's youngest campers took to the green screen in media to do one of their own.


They might think these tricks are fake, but that's just not possible.

Carpool Karaoke with Nancy Tucker!

A camp superstar and some of her friends travel to Evening Activity in Carpool Karaoke! 

Carolina Dave And The Community Eagle

The community eagle is given out each week at Campership to a group that goes above and beyond to make a positive contribution to our Echo community. When the eagle ends up in the wrong hands, it needs to be saved by Carolina Dave and his camp companions! 


Owners Cup is one of the highlights of each camp season -- where our oldest campers play in the biggest basketball game of their camp careers for the coveted Echo cup. Player introductions pre-game are things that campers will remember forever!