Rules and Signup for Echo's Madden Tournament

We're all missing our professional and college sports these days and so, we thought it might be a nice idea to start a competition of our own. We're thrilled to introduce you to Camp Echo's Madden Tournament! Read through the contest rules and sign up below!


  1. Tournament will take place on Madden NFL 20.
  2. Home Team is Random. 
  3. Game Style: Simulation 
  4. Even Team Setting: OFF
  5. Skill Level must be Pro or All Pro.
  6. You must play 4 minute quarters (no accelerated clock). 
  7. Tournament is Single elimination. 
  8. You can only play with the same team once. Example: If you are the NY Giants in round one and you advance, you will need to pick a different team for your next game. 
  9. Games must be played within 48 hours with results being reported by email to Please email with the score of the game and what team you played with.
  10. If a game is not played within the designated 48 hour window -- Echo will decide if one or neither of the players advance. 
  11. Any and all discrepancies will be decided by Echo. 
  12. Both campers and staff are welcome to play.


Madden XBOX Bracket - HERE

Madden PS4 Bracket - HERE