Join Us For Virtual Game Nights November 1st & 15th!

Continuing in Camp Echo's commitment to deliver both in-person and virtual programming to bring Echoites together, we are thrilled to present two virtual Game Nights in November!

Lower Camp Game Night (2020 6th Graders & Below) 
Sunday November 1st @ 7:30 PM 

Musical Bingo: Play the game we all know and love with hits from Camp Echo's Spotify Playlist! While you play, we will add some competitiveness with the addition of "Name that Tune". Say it loud for all to hear - BINGO! 

Scavenger HuntUnearth the treasures in your home and compete in fun team challenges while you race against time. This is unlike any Scavenger Hunt you've ever attempted. 

Don't worry parents, you are invited to play too!


Upper Camp Game Night (2020 7th Graders through 11th Graders) 
Sunday November 15th @ 7:30 PM 

Trivia: Tap into those portions of your brain that hold so many odd facts. Let's see just how much you know about Sports, Netflix, Pop Culture, Music, Camp Echo, and many other categories. Think you're a trivia master - prove it! 

Escape Room: Engage your team's collective wits, working to solve a series of challenges in order to escape! Challenges include logic problems, codes to decipher, creative "out-of-the-box" riddles, and more! 

You can register for Upper Camp Game Night by Clicking Here
Additional information and material will be shared leading up to November 15th. 

We would like to share a special thank you to 2021 Junior Counselor Andrew Glassman and The Glassman Family along with our new friends at Sports Social Club for helping us produce these incredible Game Night's for our Camp Echo community! 

Have questions? Simply email us and we will be happy to assist you. 

We're looking forward to playing along with you!