Celebrating Our Camp Echo Values

At Camp Echo, we build stronger, more caring, more competent children through state-of-the-art programming, coaching, and role modeling and we create an "envelope of physical and emotional safety" that encourages campers to take healthy risks and try new things.

It is our goal to have campers leave camp with more than they came with -- more social skills and activity skills, with more independence and self-confidence, and with more connection to their world -- whether a greater respect for the environment, an improved talent for their future career, or a new lifelong friend. At Camp Echo, we want our campers to be their best, and we do our best to help them become all that they can.

Camp Echo Values:

  • Reason - problem solving, appreciating intellect
  • Creativity - innovation, expressing or appreciating individuality 
  • Commitment - working at something until it's done
  • Self-reliance - trying it on own before asking for help
  • Courage - doing something even though it can be scary
  • Patience - waiting for the desired outcome, even if it doesn't come
  • Cooperation - working together
  • Reliability - showing up on time, having others count on you
  • Compassion - helping someone else feel better, empathizing 
  • Self-improvement - working on a specific skill to make it better
  • Community - working as a team to better the camp

Our camp values are so important to us, we had them embedded in the heart of our website as a reminder to celebrate these values year-round, not just in the days and weeks that we are at our summer home.