Common Questions Important Things You Want To Know

Can I bring my car to camp?

Yes. We have a staff parking lot located at the entrance to camp. If you bring your car to camp, you’ll be very popular with the other counselors on nights off! If you don’t have a car, don’t worry. You can “bum” rides from new friends or take the staff van into Middletown on your nights off.

Is there a uniform for staff?

Yes. From Flag Raising until Flag Lowering, we require that you wear your Camp Echo Staff t-shirt (to be provided by us) and nametag. We’ll give you enough shirts to last a week with no laundry, and we’ll give you a sweatshirt (it’s very warm during the day, but it can get cold at night). Everything else is up to you – pants or shorts, socks, shoes, etc. We do (no bikinis at camp) recommend one-piece swimsuits and comfortable shoes – sneakers or tennis shoes; Teva-type sandals with a back strap are fine if you’re on the Aquatics Staff. Flip-flops and sandals without an ankle strap are not allowed for safety reasons.

What are the cabins like?

Staff living with campers will be in almost-new cabins. Over the past five years, we’ve fully renovated all of our camper cabins. Cabins are all wood and have bunk beds in them (yes, even for staff). Showers and toilets are located inside the cabin. Staff living with other staff members will be in similar lodging.

Can I get money from camp to help with travel costs?

Part of your salary is a travel allowance. A portion of that amount can be received when you arrive at camp.

I love kids and want to spend ALL my time with them, but what about time off?

Every counselor will have from one to two hours off each day. This time must be spent in camp; you can attend activities on your own, hang in the Staff Lounge or check your e-mail. You’ll also receive one night off each week from around dinnertime until curfew at 1:00 a.m. And, you will have 5 days off during the summer. For nights and days off, you are welcome to leave camp.

Why is there a curfew?

We have a curfew to ensure that everyone receives a good night’s sleep before each day of work. Campers require a LOT of energy and diligence. We share a responsibility for making sure they stay safe!

Where do the campers and counselors come from?

Most campers are from the New York City area – Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester County, and parts of Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Our staff come from many different states and several countries, including New York, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, California, North Dakota, and Michigan; the UK, Canada, Australia, the Czech Republic, Russia, and South Africa.

What is the last day of camp? Is there anything I should know about planning my post-camp travel?

For 2023, the last day of camp is Saturday August 12th. Staff will stick around after our camper departures to help close up camp. All staff will depart on buses to New York City at 5 PM. 

When planning your post-camp travel, be sure to book a late night flight (no earlier than 9:30 PM).