Positions at Camp Everyone lends a helping hand...

At camp, everyone does a little bit of everything, and you will find that your position often includes things that you never thought of doing. You might show a child how to make their bed or dress up in a silly costume! Still, we do have different types of jobs, and we recommend that you review them all so that you can choose the one that fits best. The descriptions below will give you an overview of each position.

Cabin Counselors

CABIN COUNSELORS live with and guide a cabin of 10-12 campers in a certain age group.

This cabin will become a family unit where lifelong friendships form. During activity periods, you will travel with campers to different activities and assist the Activity Counselors with group dynamics and skills demonstration, when applicable. By providing encouragement to your campers, you will lead them to accomplish things they never thought they could do.

Activity Counselors

ACTIVITY COUNSELORS are almost the same as Cabin Counselors. The only real difference is that during the activity periods, you will teach skills specific to your area (e.g. baseball, swimming, drama).

In a typical day, you will see many campers. It is your responsibility to provide constant positive feedback and guide them to strive for excellence in everything they do. Our activity areas are: swim instruction, lifeguarding, boating, archery, tennis, golf, soccer, lacrosse, floor/roller hockey, basketball, baseball/softball, sand volleyball, fitness/aerobics, mountain biking, horseback riding, nature, camping, science experiments, rocketry, ropes course, rock climbing, dance, drama, music, video, photography, ceramics, woodworking, arts & crafts, cooking, and more!

Support Staff

Our OFFICE STAFF takes care of the administrative happenings at camp, keeping camp organized and running smoothly. They are our customer service operation – answering parent phone calls, sorting and delivering packages and mail, and helping out with all administrative details.

Our MEDICAL STAFF includes an on-site doctor and three nurses. This group works out of the Health Center and handles first aid incidents, distribution of medications, and Health Call – when campers and counselors can see them about stomachaches, bug bites, colds, etc.

We also have CAMP MOMS who get to know all the campers and help with things like cutting nails, braiding hair, picky eaters, cabin cleanliness, and just generally providing a mom’s touch.

Members of our MAINTENANCE STAFF keep all areas of camp safe and looking good – making minor repairs, landscaping, removing trash, building new creations as necessary, and helping out wherever needed!

Our HOUSEKEEPING STAFF assists the maintenance workers in keeping camp neat and tidy – mopping, cleaning all public buildings in camp, doing in-camp laundry, sanitizing bathrooms, and helping out in other areas!

We also have an extensive CULINARY STAFF that prepares and serves three meals and two snacks each day. Other duties include dining hall set-up and clean-up, food inventory, and keeping all food areas sanitized.